the patented adjustable wrap for your drinkware


What is a MUGKiNi anyway?!?

Furniture Saver!

The attached base acts as a portable coaster, no more chasing after drinks and those annoying condensation rings they can leave behind. 


The idea came from combating condensation on copper mugs, but MUGKiNi's also work great with stemless wine glasses, coffee and tea mugs, and a variety of other drinkware. Great for both hot and cold beverages.

Drink Marker!

No more guessing which drink is yours at parties. Use a variety of colors as a fun way to personalize drinks.

Reusable Sleeve!

Stop burning yourself on your mug after you've warmed your drink in the microwave. Use a MUGKiNi, your hands will thank you!

Mug + bikini = MUGKiNi!

To showcase the adjustability for handles, we wanted to include the word "mug," and a bikini is an adjustable coverup that includes a base. Voila. MUGKiNi was born.

About Us

Our Story

The idea for MUGKiNi came through a love affair with Moscow Mules and a hatred of condensation. No matter how arid the climate (we are in Colorado), the copper mugs would sweat, leaving moisture rings in their wake. After cutting up a few beer can koozies to fit the handle, we tried to find an adjustable version online, and shockingly, one did not exist. To be safe, we waited to receive the full patent before moving forward, and we now can share our creation with you! 

Not only does it help with the condensation, it works great with both hot and cold items, and on more than just copper mugs. 

For our mascot, the idea was always to incorporate the idea of a moscow mule into the design, so we opted to have a Russian mule drinking out of his copper mug and Moscow the Mule was born.

Enjoy, and THANK YOU! 

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